Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Simpson fumbles, at life.

There is an urgent, ongoing manhunt, or should I say "bitch hunt" for Jesscia Simpson's famous dog, Daisy. Last week Miss Simpson reported to the media that a coyote had snatched up her beloved pooch. This then lead Jessica to believe that Daisy would be back soon. Why? "Because Daisy is fast!" quoted Simpson. Wow...First Tony now Daisy? I wonder if Tony Romo was also taken into the woods by a pack of coyotes? It seems nobody can stand to be around Jessica these days. Although I remember one person who could...there was once this guy named Nick Lache. Perhaps he is the culprit in this gripping drama? It's safe to say no one is betting money on the safe return of Miss Daisy.
Tony Romo is probably wondering how Daisy got so damn lucky. Hopefully this tragedy will be laid to rest once Jessica empties her purse only to find Daisy wedged next to a box of Swiss-Rolls.

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