Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chris Brown is Full of Shit.

Chris Brown sat down with MTV's Sway to persuade the nation that he truly is sorry. Chris Brown on MTV:

"My thoughts [when I look back on it now] is like, 'Why did it happen?' “He told MTV News correspondent Sway during an hour-long, one-on-one interview that took place in Brown's native Virginia.”Like, 'What was I thinking? What is wrong with you?' That's what I'm thinking with myself. That's what my thoughts are, basically, now."

Aw shucks folks, this guy seems to feel so bad about his actions. He then goes on to tell of how much therapy has helped him "see what went wrong" and "being young, you don't think first." I know lots of young people who have resisted the urge to beat the shit out of their girlfriends. He wonders "Why it happened..." Well, probably because your ego is way too big for your own good. This guy could have been bigger than Michael Jackson someday. Most people saw the picture of Rihanna's post-beat down picture, so I'm not posting it. Google it for yourself if you want to see the horror of it.

Media criticized Rihanna for supposedly getting back with Chris for a short period of time. Probably just enough time to get hit a couple more times to see he was still an ass. Luckily, she has cut him out of her life and moved on...or so we believe. Her debut interview filled the airwaves this week explaining how she didn't want other girls to experience the same thing. Now, the press is trying to spin this as a "Let's not let this happen again" and "If this could happen to could happen to you." Since, this has never happened before, anywhere!

I can't wait for Rihanna and Chris's albums to release so we can stop talking about them.

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