Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Bella,

Most of the world knows the face of this awkward, "Oh, I'm so shy" Twilight star, Kristen Stewart.  I hereby publically state that I AM TIRED OF HER SHIT.  Every interview is so damn annoying and not to mention reminds me of that strange, wannabe punk who sat behind you in class while cutting up her jeans with  Fiscar's scissors.  Kristen tries to be so "un-Hollywood" that it makes me wish she could just get bitten already, for real.  All of her head scrataching, twitching, nail biting, hair messing, and constant shakiness seems like she is in the need of some crack.  What's even more ridiculous is that the only reason she portrays an excellent good Bella Swan is because...BELLA IS KRISTEN.  She acts exacly the same off screen, therefore proving her acting is little more than remembering a few lines. So please watch her other five movies [don't forget the one on Lifetime] and discover that every character she plays twitches and acts pretentious just like Kristen!

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