Wednesday, November 4, 2009

E! takes on another family and we're supposed to watch...sadly we will.

So what I'm seeing is that E! can take unknown has-ben families that have bred with other faded celebs and make a reality show about it? Yep, this time they chose Lorenzo Lamas's overly bronzed clan.  E! will take us on a journey about how they are trying to...well I'm sure one of them is trying to accomplish something?  Don't the sisters share a clothing store? Oh, wait wrong family. Anyways, the Lamas household seems to be parallel to the Kardashians, only more blonde.  If it's a reality show, then why are the family members located under Cast Bios?  If by cast, they mean people living through E! scripts then they are correct.  Most of them have been in soap operas and Lifetime movies, not to mention The Bachelor!  The Lamas seem to be a pretty classy, prestigious group of folks. Most viewers barely remember Lorenzo, but from the looks of it, he should be making his next appearance on To Catch a Predator.

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