Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obviously, the McRib is back!

Here's Jessica in NYC attending her sister, Ashlee's, Broadway debut.  It must suck to be living in the shadows of your little sister.  And by little, I do mean size and age.  Pretty sure Ashlee sang a song about always being compared to her older sister, Jessica, once upon a time.  When you get a nose job and marry a pint size guitaritst aka Pete Wentz, I suppose you get a leg up on your old maid of a sister.  This may sound mean, and well it is mean, but come on!  The only way you're going to find a man is to lay off the chicken fingers and ranch.  Apparently, the universe is getting back at her for playing the coveted role of Daisy. Or maybe just for being associated with that piece of crap movie in general.

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