Sunday, January 3, 2010

So, this is why she married him...

These two lovebirds were caught in an Italian drizzle this week.  Mariah actually received an award for her portrayal as a school counselor in Precious.  We have all seen Glitter and know how fabulous Mariah was in that.  But, girl did good this time.  Probably because the movie wasn't starring her.

Good thing P.Diddy's umbrella man was busy the day Mariah met Nick Cannon.  Or else Farmsworth Bentley would have ended up with Mimi.  We're all still in shock of why these two got hitched but as of now, they're actually making it work.  Some would say it's a slight upgrade from Mariah's last husband, big shot Tommy Matola.  But, hey if you like your men young and won!  Plus, Nick is set for the rest of his long life.  At this rate, he'll have a good twenty years at the end of his life to be the player he once tried to be.  He will surely inherit all that Hello Kitty crap which will make nice gifts for his new young girlfriends someday.

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