Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TLC tackles another "issue"

TLC loves to prey on the weak...or small...or Asian...or over weight.  The channel loves to show us the daily lives of everyday Americans who are struggling with something unique.  We've had the world famous Jon and Kate + 8, Little People Big World,The Little Couple,Cake Boss...AND NOW One Big Happy Family.  They love to play up the stereotypes such as the loud mouth Italians and Mormon families with a million kids but TLC has created a new show about an over weight African American family, The Cole family.  Sometimes I wonder if TLC looks at ethnic stereotypes and decides to make a show out of them?  I can think of a whole list of people who are gonna start collecting petitions against this channel.  Maybe not today but in the near future.  After TLC does a show about a Latin Taco Factory who's children are little, the mother is obese, and the daughter has seven kids, oh and they like to bake too!  They're also famous for their I Didn't Know I was Pregnant series, which is equally troubling.  I almost feel bad watching their shows, even though I do love them, I still feel wrong.  This century's children will see how easy fame really is!  Just conjure up a crazy, mixed up family with a few disorders and BAM you have a TV show! I can't wait to see what kind of politically incorrect family journey TLC comes up with next!

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