Saturday, September 26, 2009

Because Britney won't be here forever...

Well, well, well it seems like America's new favorite pop-tart has finally taken the wise advice of those who blazed the nikelodeon and disney trails before her and finally become a real,raunchy,staying out past curfew kinda girl. Grab the Purell because Miley has gotten DIRTY. She slowly found her way to the pole like many teen stars have...on stage! Recently the media has been oh so shocked to see her kissing boys and hugging them while on the set of her new movie. People need to get over it! Miley is already 17 years old and in Hollywood that's equivilent to at least 25! Say goodbye to Hannah Montana and that synthetic, platnium wig! Miley is ready for some more action. The papparazzi needs to realize that most girls who are 17 are usually accompied by an infant and a GED. Our dear Miley hasn't fully gone wild yet but I have a feeling that once she does...things will never be the same! So my advice is to keep doing all that "provacative" dancing that parents are complaining about and you will be just fine! I mean hey...look at Britney Spears!

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