Monday, September 28, 2009

Save the Pre-Nup for later, please!

Congratulations to the new bride, Khloe Kardashian!  Although she and Laker's player, Lamar Odom have only been "boning"(as Khloe would say) for a little over a month, wedding bells rang loud and fast yesterday at a private Beverly Hills estate.  The dress was Vera Wang, of course, and it was said to be the ultimate black tie affair.  I'm sure E! cameras broke up the lavish setting but that never prevents the Kardashians from acting in the moment. 
It must be nice to have an entire wedding planned and perhaps paid for by the same channel that produces your show! Personally, I absolutely love wasting thirty minutes of my life watching these exotic sisters complain about va jay jays and Bentleys.  Actually, I don't mind wasting an hour because I usually watch it some point.

Anyways, having watched Khloe bounce from man to man in her fabulous size 16 stilettos, it is shocking that she suddenly marries a random, utterly unknown Lakers player.  Unless he's knocked up some waitress who claimed it was not consensual, I haven't heard of him. 

This marriage will obviously make for a great new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I possibly couldn't be the first one to think of this...  This shot gun wedding is obviously from the same writer's who have been slipping Kourtney blank birth control pills!  What better way to keep ratings high than to manipulate the lives of these semi-famous daughters of OJ Simpson's lawyer.
What is even crazier is that the two blame the upcoming NBA season to their uber fast nuptuals.  Lamar and Kim have been rumored to be saving the pre-nuptuals until a later date. Meaning Sunday's wedding was nothing more than a jazzed up birthday party since the legal documents have yet to be signed.  Someone must have told Khloe that it is way easier to get out of a marriage if it's not legal.  Congrats Khloe!

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