Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how could you be so heartless?

i'm just about sick of hearing about the whole kanye and t.swift ordeal BUT i'm gonna say one thing. it's pretty sad that he had the courage(or should i say hennessy) to propel his pathetic body on stage only to make himeself look like a complete ass,douchebag,pretentious prick...

these two artists are at the very opposite sides of the music spectrum. so, props to mr.west in succeeding in representing the hip-hop community in such a fantastic light. way to go! most of taylor swift's fans are probably not waiting in line for his next cd that will surely sample the shit out of everything. i'm not a huge swift fan but i watched in horror as he ripped the mic out of her fragile, innocent hand and felt awful. what really burns my ass is how some highly overpaid rapper whom everyone has acclaimed genius wants nothing more than to be a headliner.

The worst part is how he "sincerely apologized" to her...OVER HIS FUCKING BLOG.

I'm pretty sure Miss Swift is not following any of his social networking sites.

We found out this morning that Kanye had actually called her and apologized over the phone, so I'm sure he now considers himself damn near a martyr. Excuse Taylor for accepting her first VMA and wanting to thank a few people.

Lastly, Beyonce did nothing shocking by being the classiest diva on earth by allowing Taylor to step back on stage and finish her speech! Sure, maybe Single Ladies was a bigger phenomenon than Taylor's video but who cares? It's a VMA...it's bascially saying that teenagers who had time to vote inbetween searching for porn and doing their algebra homework liked watching Taylor transform into a band geek, again. This was no Grammy, Kanye!

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