Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"changing the world one sequin at a time"

Gaga for the Day... enjoy.

Here is the fabulous, yet bloody, Lady Gaga at the VMA's a few days ago. Thanks to Kanye West, it seems everything else went utterly unnoticed! Sad...because now many might not even hear about Miss Gaga hanging from a meat hook at the end of her show. Or when she accepted her Best New Artist award with a face full of lace while thanking, "THE GAYS AND GOD!" But who else could pull this shit off? Certainly not Madge! Who happend to give a semi-inappropriate speech about her friendship with The King of Pop. Give it up Esther, there's a new crazy, bitch in town...and "she's changing the world one sequin at a time". It takes a alot more than rolling on the VMA stage in a wedding dress these days!

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