Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Miss Dark Side

We get it already! You are a bonefide tough, bad ass woman who loves sex more than men! Megan Fox has been circulating our lives for a few years now and at first, I absolutely loved her. She was a "guy's girl" with a bitchy attitude that seemed genuine. But, with every interview she gives... I just want her to stop talking all together. Every word seems associated with her tattoos,her higher than average libido, and how she is soooo mysterious. It's like she can't believe other females enjoy getting inked up and rolling around in the sheets afterwords. I'm not denying that she IS gorgeous but who isn't in Hollywood? Plus, she is hardly famous for her work. Crews who have worked with Megan share horror stories and even Michel Bay, who pretty much handed her fame on a stainless-steel, Cartier encrusted platter, tell of how ungreatful she is. Our favorite little pouty princess has even gone as far as calling Bay "Hitler!" Too bad the genius Diablo Cody decided to hand over yet another undeserved project to Megan in her Jennifer's Body film. I wonder what Megan will talk about next? ....well we pretty much already know.

Please check this video out...she gets completely ignored the entire time!

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