Friday, November 13, 2009

Brown continues to beat it up.

Since Chris Brown is still riding Rihanna's coat tails, his new video has been released during the same week.  Ri Ri's Russian Roulette video comes out tonight on 20/20.  Her video is said to be "violent" and what not.  Duh, it's about losing a game of RUSSIAN ROULETTE people!  Anyways, Chris can get sucked down a Los Angeles sewer drain for all I care.  His new song Crawl literally talks about what you think it would...crawling back to love.  However, he forgets to mention the part where he beat the shit out of his girlfriend.  His video is said to be "all his ideas" so when we see a beautiful lady with a half shaved head and big structured shoulder pads, I suppose it's meant to be Rihanna?  So very creative!  Not nearly as creative as his new CD cover though!  How uhh...cute of him to include Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Although, by the looks of that guitar, they better watch their backs.

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