Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breaking LiLo News via Twitter

For all of us who constantly invade Lindsay's are some twitter updates from yesterday.  All of these tweets took place within one hour and as far as we know are actual and up to date. Seems like she is the only person who's not talking about her slit wrists and her sleeping with every man in a 20 mile radius.

lindsaylohan i just got the tanning lotion, smells so good!!

lindsaylohan hahahahahaha i almost forgot about the choice of music that is played over the scenes in the morgue on csi- it's so porno hahahaha

lindsaylohan is it even legal to say such things like these bloggers do? isn't it defamation of character!?!? slander maybe? anyone?

...and to answer your question sweetie, yes it is.
slander is saying false things.

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