Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Week: Oprah talks oral sex and Sarah Palin!

Not in the same day, of course.  This week Oprah invited Sarah Palin on her show Monday for the first time ever!  They discussed election crap, Palin's fabulous pre-set wardrobe, her book, and Levi guy.  Sarah Palin went on to discuss her future plans while not giving many details, like usual.  The next day Oprah decided to bring Jenna Jamison on her show to talk about her career and how women enjoy erotic things now days.  Newsflash Ms. Winfrey...this isn't anything new.  Oprah acts like she's never heard about the pornography industry and any other related subjects.  Don't try and act like you and Stedman haven't slipped into the naughty side of the movie store!  I'm sure Oprah has had many "AHA MOMENTS" as she would say.  But, why not bring on both women within one show?  I mean, that is Sarah Palin's next step right?  Or are politics Jenna's next step? Wait, now I'm confused. 

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